Campaign help開始一個倡議/運動 編輯


Campaign pages on Action Network can help you publicise your campaign to a wider audience. Find out how to make the most of your campaign page with our quick guide.

將活動頁面公開在行動網(Action Network)上可以幫助你讓更多的人看見。利用我們快速的指引,找出如何讓你們大部分的活動頁面被看見。

left|thumb|130px Campaigns on Action Network have a number of different sections that allow you to display updates, campaign aims, contact details and links. 在行動網(Action Network)上的運動擁有許多不同的區塊,這些區塊分別是最新的更新、運動主旨、內容細節和連結。

To put things into these sections you need to click on the blue 'Edit' button at the top of the campaign. This takes you to the Campaign edit page. 要將事情放進這些區塊當中,你必須要點選位於活動最頂端的”藍色”方塊。這可以讓你進行編輯頁面。

left|thumb|130px The Campaign edit page is where you can control what appears on your campaign. Just click on a link to add something new to the page. 這個活動的編輯頁面可以讓你控制什麼是想要被發表的。只要點選連結並且新增一些新事物在這個頁面上。

Below you'll find information on what each of these links lets you do and you'll also find out how to add a photo to the top of your page. 在這底下你可以找到每一個連結,並且可以讓你去進行以及發現如何在你的頁面頂端新增照片。

Campaign updates 活動更新

Updates form the main part of the campaign page. They act like a diary letting you tell people what has been happening in your campaign.


If you've decided to post a notice or an article on Action Network about your campaign then remember to mention it on the campaign page. That way people interested in your campaign can follow all your posts on the site. Just add an update with the url of the article in.

如果你無法決定要不要在你的行動網(Action Network)上公佈關於的一個公告或是主題。記得在活動頁面上注意活動更新這件事情。這樣的方法可以讓人們對你的活動感興趣,並且可以密切注意在網站上所有更新的訊息。只要使用url(使用者條件語言)增加一個更新在文章中。

Campaign links 活動連結

Add links to other web pages that you think would interest people following your campaign. If you have a campaign website this is the place to add it.


The most recently added link will appear at the top of the list. However, you can move one of your links back to the top by going to the campaign links section from the campaign edit page. If you then edit / update the link you want to appear at the top it will move up the list.


Suggestions for links to add to your campaign include:

建議可以將這些連結增加到你的活動中: • Blogs 部落格 • Friendly campaigns 相關活動 • Local community sites 當地社區網站 • Photo sites 相簿 • Useful documents 有用的文件 • Newspaper articles 新聞報導

Organisers 組織幹部

The organisers are the people who can add posts to the campaign page. All campaigns start with the person who created the campaign as the only organiser.


Other people can become organisers by voting to support the campaign and then applying to be an organiser. The current organiser (or organisers) can choose whether to give a supporter organiser status.


More help:Voting and commenting on campaigns 可以從這個頁面得到更多的幫助:投票和對活動進行評論


The aims appear on the right of the page and are a short summary of the goal of your campaign. They act as a quick reference for people visiting the campaign for the first time.

目標會出現在頁面的右邊並且列出簡短的活動主旨大綱。他們可以提供給第一次拜訪的人們快速的參考。 left|thumb|115px You are asked to write your aims when setting up the campaign but you can always edit them at a later date.


Try to keep your aims short and put all the interesting background to the campaign into your first campaign update. If your aims are too long, your links and contact details will be pushed down the page and people may not see them.


Contact details 聯絡細節

When you start the campaign you have the option of including an email address, telephone number and website. Any contact details you give are shown under the campaign aims.


You can add new contact details or change the existing ones at any time by following the link on the campaign edit page.


Issues and places議題和位置

Just like all posts on Action Network you can choose where on the site you want it to appear. You can add or remove the campaign from issues and places at any time.


More help: Displaying your posts on the site


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